Goal Getter Focus Group

It’s Time To Get Focused

We all aspire to accomplish individual goals in life, but sometimes we don’t know how to get started. I can help!

If you’re ready to get focused and join others on their journey to setting goals, join us for Goal Getter Focus Group beginning on Monday, January 18th. The experience takes place over 30 days. Each post will contain inspiration, motivating action, or a useful tip to help get you focused and on track for accomplishing your goal.

It’s not a lack of ambition or willpower holding you back. It’s the know-how to forge forward. I will provide the words of encouragement and the tools you need for success. Together, we will achieve greatness!

Meet Busola Shogbamimu (The Link), the Facilitator of The Goal Getter Focus Group

Busola Shogbamimu is a life and legacy coach. She partners with individuals and corporate bodies to ensure the best version of ourselves in life is discovered and attained. We are built to last by intentional contribution with a focus on legacy. Her passion for purposeful living and legacy building begins with self- identification leading to self-actualization. She is currently on course to reach a global audience with a message of Legacy, Impact, Freedom, and Empowerment. Busola advocates a harmonious blend of purpose, people and profit as a catalyst to personal, corporate and global growth.

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Busola Shogbamimu

You Set a Goal, I’ll Help You Achieve It

Goal setting has so much to offer! Even unreached goals can have an enriching impact on your life. Some significant benefits worth noting include gaining a clear perspective, having control over your future, and cultivating clarity in your sense of purpose.

Goals give us a reason to get up each day, motivation to act, and the courage to live the life we desire. My goal is to help you learn how to set and accomplish your goals.

This experience is your opportunity to join like-minded individuals also on a journey to achieving more. Everyone will have a chance to engage and interact with one another as we work individually on our own personal goals.

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I Can’t Wait to Get Started on Monday, January 18th!